Saturday, January 09, 2010

Park turns netas’ battleground

Park turns netas’ battleground
Cong, BJP Men Fight It Out At Inauguration

Bangalore: A routine park inauguration at Shivanagar on Friday turned into a Congress-BJP war zone.
The park, near Manjunathnagar Main Road, was to be inaugurated by law minister Suresh Kumar. Over 500 students painted on canvas to symbolize the park’s opening.
The chaos started when Congress and BJP workers almost came to blows over installation of photos of their leaders. The Congress claimed that the park was opened in 2006 in the presence of several political and religious leaders. They even furnished a foundation stone with their names and the date, claiming that it was inaugurated then. Named after Rajiv Gandhi, they insisted that a photograph of the leader be installed in the park.
Manjunath G, BJP’s Rajajinagar constituency president, said the park had been developed by the party over one-and-a-half years at a cost of Rs 2 crore. “The council passed the demand for a Rajiv Gandhi amusement park but the urban development department and government hadn’t passed it. The foundation stone that they flaunt is not an old one,” he alleged. BJP workers insisted that a photo of Suresh Kumar be installed.
There was heated arguments between the two parties at the venue even as hundreds of students looked on. The situation calmed down after police arrived at the scene.


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