Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kengeri struggles for a foothold

Kengeri struggles for a foothold

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FOOTPATHS ENCROACHED BY HAWKERS, COVERED WITH RUBBLE There is a need to scientifically manage so lid waste. Garbage strewn carelessly is attracting stray dogs and cows apart from creating a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Elizabeth H., resident of Kengeri Satellite Town Though BDA has taken up work to rejuve nate two important lakes, there are other lakes which need immediate attention to improve their ground water levels.

Suresh N., resident near Kengeri Railway Station Kengeri has a wellmaintained bus stand. However, the bus stops have not been designated appropriately. There must be bus stops close to railway stations.

C.B. Umesh Chandra, retired university employee

Pedestrians in Kengeri have to tread carefully: The few usable footpaths in the locality have been encroached upon by hawkers and the remaining are inaccessible owing to the debris piled on them from various sites.
Locals allege that civic agency Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) has invested its money only in projects that will benefit motorists, ignoring the needs of pedestrians. "BBMP has been concentrating on widening major roads and is not bothered about providing footpaths, over bridges or underpasses for pedestrians," says Pramila U., a resident of Kengeri Satellite Town.

Work will soon begin on widening Kengeri Main Road which connects Mysore Road and Magadi Road near Beggar's Colony and buildings on either side of the road have already been marked for demolition. "When the work begins, existing footpaths will be covered with rubble, leaving no space for pedestrians. BBMP has failed to make any alternate arrangements," adds Ms Pramila.

Also, while the widening project is in progress, traffic will be diverted to narrow residential lanes where there are no footpaths. "The few footpaths available in the area are used as parking space for vehicles or for mini-gardens. BBMP must ensure that the footpaths are free of obstructions for easy movement of pedestrians," she says.

Though repeated complaints have been made to BBMP officials in Rajarajeshwarinagar zone, they have not been addressed yet, say the disgruntled residents. Unlike the main roads, the residential roads are in a bad shape with potholes causing frequent accidents.

Residents also stress that a pedestrian subway or skyway is urgently needed due to the heavy volume of traffic moving towards Ring Road. "Pedestrians are given a very short time to cross the wide road. It is not possible for all to cross the road in such a short span of time," says a traffic cop.


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