Sunday, January 17, 2010

It is now easier to board a Vajra bus at KGBS

It is now easier to board a Vajra bus at KGBS

Special Correspondent
People will no longer have to scout around platforms
— Photo: K. Murali Kumar

The newly created area for boarding and alighting from Vajra buses at the Kempe Gowda Bus Station in Bangalore.

BANGALORE: The premium Vajra bus service offered by the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) now has a new address at Kempe Gowda Bus Station (KGBS).

To make the luxury Volvo bus service more commuter-friendly, the BMTC has earmarked the inner ring of the bus stand for it.

“All the 183 Volvo buses will be parked at the four platforms of the inner ring of Kempe Gowda bus stand for BMTC services.

Commuters will no longer have to scout around various platforms and can head straight to one of the four platforms,” V. Nagaraj, Divisional Traffic Officer, told The Hindu.

The Volvo buses operate 696 trips every day from Kempe Gowda bus stand. By shifting all the 183 to the inner ring, the authorities seek to mitigate commuters’ confusion.

To make room for Volvo buses in the inner ring, the BMTC has shifted buses that were operating from these platforms to platforms 26, 27, 28 and 29 respectively.

By this logistical shift, the BMTC aims to boost revenue from Vajra bus services, which is in the red, according to a senior official of the corporation.


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