Saturday, January 30, 2010

Expressway witnesses maiden accidents

Expressway witnesses maiden accidents

It seems the traffic cops’ warnings not to overspeed on the new elevated expressway over Hosur road fell on deaf ears. Exactly six days after its inauguration the engineering marvel on Thursday witnessed its first set of accidents. Luckily, those involved in the mishaps escaped with minor injuries.
The first accident took place around 8:30 pm when a car speeding towards Electronics City crashed onto the median. “The car, while trying to overtake another vehicle, crashed on to the median before ramming into another car which was passing by,” said Sunil S, a software engineer with Infosys who was on his way back home at the time of incident.
A few minutes later, a twowheeler coming towards Madiwala also crashed on to the median while trying to overtake a car. “The guys on the bike were riding at high speed. They were about to overtake a car when the rider lost balance and hit the median. They were riding so fast that the bike got stuck in the barricade,” said Thejesh, a techie with a reputed firm in Electronics City who witnessed the accident.
The traffic wardens quickly cleared the area and averted a traffic pile up besides taking care of the victims who suffered only minor injuries.


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