Friday, January 29, 2010

'E-way needs more work'

'E-way needs more work'
By: Madhusudan Maney Date: 2010-01-29 Place: Bangalore

That's the consensus of those who have tried the newly inaugurated elevated high-speed road between Bomanahalli and Electronics City

The newly inaugurated Hosur Expressway has not made Bangaloreans overly ecstatic. Those travelling by it claim agree it is the fastest way to reach the city, but believe it can be made even more commuter-friendly with a few changes.

Manjunath BS, a lead engineer with HCL, said, "It is very beneficial for somebody going towards Electronic City, but the same results could have been achieved with underpasses near Bomanahalli. Exits towards Madiawala, BTM and Sajjapur road would have made things easier."

Manjunath B S, an engineer, feels underpasses would have served the same purpose as the Hosur expressway

Added Varun George, a finance executive, "The walls are so low that if any vehicle hits them, it will fall off the flyover. The walls should have been made a little higher and the divider should have been made more easily visible."

H Prakash Rao, CEO, Electronics City Industries' Association, said, "Many have used the expressway and enjoyed the aerial view of the surroundings. But the authorities should do something about the traffic that gets blocked at the beginning of Silk Board junction."

Solutions promised

However, authorities say these are only teething troubles.

"The traffic jam at Silk Board junction happens because people get confused as to which road they should take. This confusion will be there initially, but it will get cleared up gradually," said B A Muthanna, DCP, Traffic East.


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