Saturday, January 30, 2010

Complex of promises needs a push for fulfillment

Complex of promises needs a push for fulfillment

Shwetha S

Jayanagar's heart is the BDA complex. And there was once a soul, the Puttanna Theatre. Both are sickly. The complex, the beehive of commercial activities, urgently needs mending and a multi-layered parking lot. Puttanna theatre, named after the sandalwood director Puttanna Kanagal, remains closed for long, and it hurts the Jayanagarians.
"Our MLA Vijay Kumar had sanctioned budget to renovate and restart the Puttanna Theatre," explains Mukund Narayan, resident of 4th block. "The theatre is to be converted to a convention centre. Till now, the civic authorities have not started the work. We wish we had a forceful civic representative who would do the needful."
Another resident of Jayanagar 1st block Bhaskar Nayak reflects a collective demand for urgent repairs and a roomy multi-story parking lot for Jayanagar complex. "Hundreds of vehicles are parked on the road at any point of time, leading to traffic chaos in our area," says Nayak.
"When the authorities promised us that they will renovate the Jayanagar complex, they also told us they will build an auditorium in the complex as Bangalore South does not have an auditorium. So now we want the new auditorium in Jayanagar to be named after the late star Vishnuvardhan as he was a resident of Jayanagar 4th T block. But it looks like the authorities have forgotten about their promises. If we had a committed corporator, the work would have been done," says KV Bhaskar Murthy, a member of the Residential Welfare Association of Jayanagar.
Murthy admits part of the problem is the unwillingness of the shop owners in the complex to move out for the work to begin. "They fear they will lose the ownership. Civic authorities should take initiative to make them understand," says he.
Weekends are the most dreaded time when thousands of vehicles roll in and the once-peaceful Jayanagar complex becomes a battle ground. "It is the residents who bear the burden," says Amritha Raj, a shopper, who resides nearby.
To an extent, it is the failure of the public transport system, admit thoughtful residents. They say that if the BMTC had a scientific schedule catering to the needs of the people, this many private vehicles would not have been on the roads. "I, for instance," says RM Patil, a man in his 40's from nearby Byrasandra, "would love to come by bus but the buses are blindly run without any purpose. What to do?"
"The RWA insists it had asked the BMTC to provide a shuttle service to Bangalore south specific, especially on the weekends, But who cares," says an office-bearer of RWA.
Pranjali Kumar, a sportswoman and resident, is sad that the civic authorities have not kept the promise to remodel the Kittur Rani Chenamma Stadium in Jayanagar 3rd block to accommodate more public. There are many schools and colleges around the place and this will be an immense help for students of these institutions.
"We are all looking for the bigger stadium. It seems every time an amenity is needed, people must agitate," she says wistfully.


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