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BBMP has promises to keep

BBMP has promises to keep

Sharan PoovannaFirst Published : 02 Jan 2010 10:55:25 AM IST
BANGALORE: The Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike has lined up a slew of projects for the new year, promising to make the City a better place to live with better civic amenities in 2010. Sharing his plans for the city, BBMP Commissioner Bharatlal Meena said, “The BBMP’s emphasis will be to remove infrastructural bottlenecks and internal system simplification to smoothen the process, improve efficiency and make the projects a reality in 2010.” The Commissioner said that the BBMP’s works are not subject to breaks and are an ongoing process and with the government approving projects worth Rs 3,500 crore, there will be extra efforts to make substantial progress in them. With little reminiscence to the previous year, the BBMP will surge ahead with the proposed projects and also try to get the ongoing projects completed, he said. The tender processing is on for the 12 corridors that are to be built in the city and one is already being built by the Bangalore Development Authority and the rest will be built by us, Meena said.
“Segregation at the household level will be implemented soon, where the waste is segregated at the source itself,” he said. Once this is done, then more will be done to recycle the garbage, and products that result from it will be put back in the market to make the city greener, he said.
Speaking about the recently concluded ‘Hasiru Santhe’, Meena stated that more efforts will be made to make plants and saplings available to encourage the green drive of the BBMP which has set a target of planting five lakh plants in 2010 year with a coordinated effort including various other departments like the Horticulture and Forest.
Continuing on the green initiative, he said that 123 lakes in the city are all set to be revived, out of which 50 per cent has already been surveyed and encroachments are in check and fencing is in progress.
People-friendly schemes in Khata and Tax payment will be enforced to remove hurdles and ease the process, he said.
Other initiatives such as easy birth and death certificate procurement and thirdparty monitoring among others will simplify current processes and procedures.
Storm water drain drive will continue and demolition for the process is in full swing, he said. Adding Lal Meena said that efficiency will be improved active participation by the staff and all such as human resource relations training advice.
The commissioner saying that for any oriented organisation, service the people and reduction of public grievances to the best possible level which shows success and ach i eve - ments.


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