Friday, November 13, 2009

Ten steps to change Bangalore

Ten steps to change Bangalore
A number of simple remedial measures can have a cumulative effect on the traffic congestion plaguing the city

Bangalore requires simple steps to improve its traffic. There are some simple steps that can show effect in 2-3 months and they do not need much investment. These steps, if implemented, can help Bangalore traffic move faster by 25-30 percent.
More lane discipline is required. For better lane
discipline, mark and enforce lane traffic as in all
‘civilised cities’. 2
Pedestrian crossings should be enforced
and used correctly so that more people can use
them to walk. 3
BMTC buses must stop only at designated bus stands. Currently, they stop in the middle of the road. Drivers must be disciplined to stop them only at bus stands.
Bus stand location must be at least 50m away
from where the road turns. If the bus stops at a
road corner, it chokes all the traffic behind. 5
Close all side roads. There are far too many openings from the sides into main roads. This is the way to manage the quantum of traffic in the main roads.
Synchronise traffic signals. The volume of flow of traffic in the morning and evening are different. The patterns in traffic and the signal times must be studied and taken into account to manage them better.
1,000 more buses such as Big10 are required. Many two-wheeler and four-wheeler owners have started using Big10 and Volvo. Additional buses will stop at least 30,000-40,000 more such two and four-wheelers.
Improve the footpaths. Remove all debris and hoardings so that people will walk on the footpaths. This can be done in the next two months. 9
Remove slow-moving traffic such as hand-driven carts, cycle carts, goods vans on three wheels. These are slow and they block all other traffic putting others also at risk.
10 Ten-year-old and older autos should be phased out.
There are five important roads in the city which must be made larger. The side roads leading up to them must be cut.These corridors are: 1. Malleswaram-Tumkur/Peenya Road. 2.MG Road-Whitefield 3.Windsor Manor-Mehkri Circle-Airport Road.4.Hosur Road-Brigade Road. 5.Bannerghatta Road-Kanakapura Road
And extend NICE roads to airport.


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