Sunday, November 15, 2009

Netas’ greed jammed B’lore

Netas’ greed jammed B’lore

Thought should be given to changing the bus stops all over Bangalore near traffic junctions. The best example is at BEL Circle. The bus stops near traffic junctions not only create a blockade but also halt the traffic as mini buses and autos are also halted for picking up passengers.
Shajith, Jalahalli OH MALLESWARAM!
Once upon a time, Malleswaram was the peaceful neighbourhood, with plenty of trees, wide and good roads, ample parking and a serene locality for children and senior citizens. Now, with builders like Mantri, Brigade and new arrivals expected like a shopping complex at Geetanjali theatre complex, the scene is different. Age-old residents at Malleswaram have to get through the traffic jams at Natraj theatre then Sampige theatre and then at 6th, 8th & 11th cross, each lasting 10-15 minutes.
By the time you reach your home at Malleswaram, you are already exhausted. Can’t the authorities stop approving any more commercial complexes at residential localities, can’t they make the big commercial houses who are building these apartments and complexes to get the infrastructure like roads and sewage ready for general public and then allow them to build?

Jamaluru was born about 25 years ago, when the first flats were built in Malleswaram, and our Congress netas opened the flood gates for north Indians to settle in Bangalore and spoil the city. Later netas, who lick votes from the ground, did nothing for the betterment of the city. Today’s traffic jams are the result of these greedy breed. I have both two-wheelers and four-wheelers which I use to travel 70 odd kms across the city daily. One thing is certain, the auto guys (a) don’t show signals, (b) put their hands just down, not even out from the auto, to give signals, nobody behind sees what that guy is up to, (c) stop dead in the middle of the road to pick his prey, irrespective of how the guy behind dies (d) squeeze themselves from all sides on the road, hitting the two-wheelers, especially the ladies pillion and lady drivers (e) just stop short of entering a narrow gap between two big vehicles, completely blocking the tens of two wheelers who could have passed off in-between. These auto fellows need to have either their licence cancelled or heavily fined.
Make agriculture a paying and fanciful occupation, so most of these guys who came running from the village go back and settle in agriculture. Secondly, convert all high-rise buildings into mini-townships. It must be 35 per cent commercial and 65 per cent residential areas in every construction. So the people who work in the offices/shops/commercial establishments in the buildings, hardly need to go out of the compound.The builder MUST provide all amenities like school, hospital etc in the compound.This way, most of the people would hardly need to travel. Or Bangalore has no future.
Anandh RVS, RR Nagar


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