Friday, November 27, 2009

Get global feel by driving on Vittal Mallya Road

Get global feel by driving on Vittal Mallya Road

Although the two-way work is yet to completed, the flood-proof, disabled-friendly stretch will become motorists' favourite once it is formally opened

Sunitha Rao R. Bangalore

A new-look Vittal Mallya Road has been informally reopened for commuters three days back after nine weeks of repair works. Although some works remain to be done, it already looks better than any other road done by a private agency in the city.
The 430-metre stretch meeting international standards was redone at a cost of about Rs4 crores. The construction work was undertaken by TJ Naik construction company. Its design and construction management was done by Invicus headed by Vivek Menon.
Speaking to DNA, Menon said that the 11-metre wide road has got spare ducts for telecommunication and manholes on either side. There are also 2-metre wide concrete footpaths on either side.
"The storm water drain and the sewage lines, which were running together till now, have been separated to prevent flooding," he said.
A total of 15% of the road space will be used for making mini gardens. "Green patches are required on the sides of the road to beautify the street," said an engineer supervising the road works.
"The road has manholes and drainage covers at every 15 metres. The cleaning of the drains can thus be done easily," he said.
"We have separated all the sewage lines connected to storm water drains which were causing flooding during rainy season. The sewage waste gets into the storm water drain in Lavelle Road and it reaches up to Vittal Mallya Road. We have now placed filters in the middle of the drain," he said.
"This road will remain pothole-free for at least 20 years. It is a complete RCC road. There are iron rods fixed beneath the plain road," said the engineer.
Speaking to DNA, Pandu Ranga Rao, a professional who works near Vittal Mallya Road, said the beautification of the road with gardens was welcome news.
"I would love to walk or drive by the side of flowers, grass and fountains. I am happy that the road is getting ready for commuters," he said.
Nirmala Anand, a resident of the area, said officials of the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike did nothing much to the road when they complained about flooding during rains.
"We are happy that at least through a private agency, the road is getting a top class look,"she said.
"We had asked the engineers to put a cross drain near Kasturba Road Circle where the Vittal Mallya Road begins. With the cross drain connecting directly to Rajakaluve, flooding can be completely prevented in this area," another resident said.
"The road is getting underground drainage system and it will definitely be helpful. But this work was pending for many years and people suffered a lot during rainy seasons. The present project will finally bring them relief," said Rashmi D'Souza whose family owns Orgaum House Apartments.
To complete all the works including developing the garden, it will take one-and-a-half months more. The road will be made a two-way within a few days.


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