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Essence of Old Bangalore

Essence of Old Bangalore
Shruthi Balakrishna | TNN

The bisi-bisi khali dosa simply melts in your mouth. Just a dab of coconut chutney, and it’s a treat for the taste-buds. Hotel Dwaraka in N R Colony is one of those Bangalore hotels which bring the essentials of good dosa-eating to the customer.
So much so, it’s aroma has reached farflung places, and people from outside Bangalore too come here for the yummy dosas.
Most South Bangaloreans, at one point or other, would have had their fill here — though it was earlier on Bull Temple Road. Frequent visitors will remember boards stating: ‘No by-two coffees’ or ‘No serving of chutney more than twice’! But can they blame us for asking for more chutney? The ethics remain, though the hotel has shifted to N R Colony, and still has its loyal customer base.
The present joint has a seating area too, which ensures that the aged and big families can relax and relish their dosas, without being stand-ups at a darshini table. Besides khali dosa, there’s masala and plain dosa, rava vada, kesari bhath, halwa, khara bhath —- daily snacks which turn into delicacies here.
The typical South Indian breakfast — idly-vada, different kinds of rice and poori. In the evening, there is more variety — rava vada, maddur vada and banana, capsicum and onion bhajji. The joint also has the tomato dosa, which is not available everywhere. On Sunday and Wednesday mornings, one can expect bisi bele bhath — hot stuff, that!
The hotel, set up in 1971 on Bull Temple Road, sold a dosa for just 20 paise! After four decades, the dosas are still sold at an affordable rate. For instance, a plate of khali dosa (two dosas) cost Rs 18 onwards. Dosas are so popular here that they sell like hot cakes, and keeping count is impossible, they say.
What makes them so special? The right proportion: we use quality rice which adds taste, says Shridhar S Holla, proprietor, Hotel Dwaraka. In fact, Shridhar discovered this yummy dosa through trial and error. “I kept trying different ways to make it tastier. Finally, I succeeded,” he says, matter-of-fact. “I supervise the preparation of the batter. In case something goes wrong, I change it immediately,” he says.
Besides dosa, Shridhar proudly says that even the idlis here are just as popular. Pooris are made from pure wheat flour, but are crisp and fluffy.
K M Kulkarni, a bank employee and first-timer, is all praise. “I just dropped in for a quick bite. I truly relished the dosa. It’s not too spicy, and the oil is just right. The coffee tastes good too.”
Try it, you will find it as good!
Hotel Dwaraka
15, 7th Cross, N R Colony, Bangalore Phone: 080-25905217


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