Friday, November 13, 2009

Devanahalli will solve city's woes

Devanahalli will solve city's woes

Realtors, experts are optimistic that Devanahalli will help decongest Bangalore as it develops into an alternate hub complete with all basic infrastructure and necessities

PK Surendran. Bangalore

Within a few years, peak hour morning traffic will head towards Devanahalli, bringing relief to a congested Bangalore. For years, urban development experts have been haunted by one question — how and where to develop a parallel city, as an alternate hub of life close by, to decongest Bangalore?
Devanahalli appears to be the answer to that question, and optimism abounds over developing this place into a sister city to Bangalore.
It may seem strange, but the infrastructure development in Devanahalli taluk and adjoining areas is running parallel to the investment commitments there; generally, the trend is infrastructure development as a precursor to investment flow. Such is the attraction that Devanahalli has mustered up among investors.
The Rs1.15 lakh crore of investment that is set to be pumped in to raise Devanahalli as a city, is expected to initially attract at least eight lakh people, which is set to kickstart the growth of this place to a full-blown city status. This, however, would require massive infrastructure in housing, water, roads and power.
"Some 48 infrastructure projects have been notified by the infrastructure development department, which should take care of the needs of this region," says commerce and industries department commissioner Rajpal Khatri. "I foresee no hurdles to the development of Bangalore north (which includes Devanahalli)," he says.


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