Saturday, November 28, 2009

BBMP's plan approval system to go digital

BBMP's plan approval system to go digital

Express News ServiceFirst Published : 28 Nov 2009 04:38:12 AM ISTLast Updated : 28 Nov 2009 08:31:54 AM IST
BANGALORE: The tedious process of building plan approval with manual verification will be a thing of the past when BBMP puts a new software in place to ensure plan approval in just 10 days.
To expedite the building plan approval process, BBMP is adopting a new software to digitise planning approval. The software ensures scrutiny of building plans in short time and the approval process will take just 10 days, against the 30 days that it took earlier.
“In the present system, the town planning department functions from all eight zonal offices in the manual verification method. With the implementation of the software, we can cut on the delays and inaccuracies. The system is already adopted in Pune and few other cities. The Confederation of Real Estate Developers Association of India (CREDAI) has agreed to fund the project initially,” said BBMP commissioner Bharatlal Meena, in an interaction programme at the Express office on Friday.
“The process is expected to start functioning in the next 15 days. Public can get the building plan in a digital format and once that is loaded in the system, it will immediately give the details of boundaries and outer boundaries and calculate the floor area ratio (FAR), check setback details, he explained.
“We are in the stage of procuring the software as per our requirement. The staff will be trained in using the software.
Also, BBMP is planning to take the process online in the later stage wherein people can at least submit the plan from their home,” said an official from BBMP's town planning department.
“However, BBMP officials would also go to the construction sites to cross-check the facts after the submission of the plan,” the official added.
● Engineers who check the details on their computers, do not really have to go through all the designs and drawings because the software checks different aspects of the building plan while applying the rules.
● Anything wrong in the planning can be identified and rectified on the spot.
● Helps reducing corruption and increasing transparency of the scrutiny process.
● The plan approval system through e-governance initiatives will help to check different aspects of the building plan, scrutinise applications and give info about violations, if any.


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