Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Underpass shrinkage: BBMP rubbishes report

Underpass shrinkage: BBMP rubbishes report
Bangalore,Sep 29, dhns:

It is blame game time, once again. The BBMP on Tuesday contradicted the City traffic police version that a pillion rider had died due to the shrinkage of the Sanjaynagar Underpass in Bangalore.

“It is impossible that the underpass can shrink. The BBMP underpasses across the city have not moved a single millimetre from its original plan,” said BBMP Chief Engineer (Major Roads) Chikarayappa.

On Tuesday, reports suggested that a couple returning home on a two-wheeler from their native place lost balance due to the uneven underpass and hit the retaining wall. “The underpass had shrunk from above causing a pothole. The pre-cast element had been displaced. While the bottom was perfect, the cement and the jelly holding the structure above had dispersed and caused the problem,” recalled Assistant Commissioner of Police Traffic (North) S N Gangadhar.

While the police maintained that the accident was due to the pothole “manufactured” due to the BBMP negligence, the Palike Chief Engineer said that the work on the underpass was being carried out for technical reasons.
“During construction, we had left a cushion of two and half inch for the underpass to settle. Because of the finishing that was to be done and for the construction of an approach slab at the entry and exit points of the under pass, we had dug up the road and worked on it,” informed Chikarayappa.

Traffic returned to normal on Tuesday along the Bellary Road, as the Palike finished its work working through the night. “On our insistence, the works were taken up immediately and finished by the BBMP as they warded off even the rains at night. The traffic was diverted on Monday but we have allowed vehicular movement today,” informed Gangadhar.

While admitting that the underpasses are a bit narrow, the BBMP had earlier this year decided to increase the width of the underpasses from six meters to seven and half meters for future constructions.


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