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We love to hate them. Yet, Manjunatha, who prompty returned two laptops his passengers had accidentally left behind in his vehicle, reveals that not all auto drivers are birds of a feather

Auto drivers are a universally reviled lot. Especially so in Bangalore. And for good reason. Most of them are snarky, devious and prey on the vulnerable. Which is what makes an exception to the stereotype so edifying as it is surprising. Last week, one auto driver, Manjunatha, promptly returned two laptops costing Rs one lakh that he found on his backseat to its owners.
Two technology consultants Naveesh and Sainath along with their Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Vishnu reached Bangalore from Pune on September 23. But nothing could have prepared them for what followed. Speaking to Bangalore Mirror, Naveesh said, “Three of us hailed an auto (KA 02 B 5022) at K R Puram at 11.30 am towards Shivajinagar.
At 12.15 pm, we got down at Shivajinagar with our luggage. But, only after an hour, we realised that we had forgotten two laptops: one Toshiba and another Dell, costing Rs one lakh. Moreover, the laptops contained vital data and information. We then decided to lodge a complaint with Commercial Street Police
Just when they were about to go to the police station, Vishnu got a call on his mobile phone. “It was a strange number and the caller introduced himself as Manjunatha.
As we had not known his name, we could not recognise him. But, Manjunatha introduced himself stating that he had dropped us from K R Puram to Shivajinagar and wanted to return the laptops. He asked us to be at the place where we got down from the auto. Though, we could not believe this initially, the prompt auto driver landed at the place at 3 pm,” Naveesh said. The trio said they were really grateful to the auto driver as he had brought back the laptops which had so much valuable information in them, and that too without expecting any returns.
On the other hand, 30-year-old Manjunatha, the auto driver, who saved the day for the techies said he did not do anything great except his duty. “Last Wednesday, after dropping three techies, I ferried two women from Infantry Road to Mysore Road. That’s when I saw the laptop bag. I asked the women whether it was theirs. But, when they said no, I checked the bag and found visiting cards and then I called the techies,” he said.
Manjunatha, who has been driving an auto for the past three-and-ahalf years, said he was suitably rewarded. “When I gave them their laptops, they gave me Rs 1,000. That was very nice,” he said. But didn’t he feel, at least for a moment, like selling the laptops and pocketing the cash. Manjunatha shot back: “This is not my property. Moreover, I was sure the laptops contained important documents and gave it back.”
This is not the first time Manjunatha has displayed such honesty. “Couple of months ago, one lady had left her mobile phone behind in my auto. I remembered her place and returned it,” he revealed matter-of-factly. Time, we began to see auto drivers in a new light.


At Wednesday, September 30, 2009 at 11:36:00 AM GMT+5:30, Blogger Unknown said...

Time, we began to see auto drivers in a new light.

One swallow does not a summer make.

At Sunday, October 4, 2009 at 5:58:00 PM GMT+5:30, Blogger Adivasi said...

he is one in million, hope other Autoriksha wallas learn from him. Only place i felt Autoriksha wallas were good was in Udupi when I lost my Spectacles in it. Even though it wasnt costing much, He promptly returned it after being alerted by other autos standing near by.


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