Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Greener Bangalore? Sow be it

Greener Bangalore? Sow be it
By: Chetan R Date: 2009-09-28 Place: Bangalore

Techies are planning to distribute thousands of seeds this monsoon as part of an eco initiative

A group of techies in Bangalore is sowing the seeds for a greener tomorrow through its 'seed ball' campaign.

Samraksha, which includes professionals from companies like Wipro and Nokia, is planning to distribute 75,000 seeds across the city before the rains recede as part of the forum's 'save green' initiative.

Small balls containing seeds of indigenous species that suits the soil here like neem and green bamboo are made using clay, soil and manure. These are then distributed among school children and volunteers.

"This unique campaign has been launched in the rainy season as it is an ideal time for seeds to sprout," said Stephen Anthony, a volunteer.

So far, the techies' forum has distributed over 40,000 seeds in Shanthinagar including eight schools there and plans to take the campaign to other parts of the city including Madivala, Gandhinagar and the outskirts.

Going green

Samraksha launched the seed ball campaign after their recent awareness campaign among students turned out to be a hit. Saplings were planted and named after the child planting and caring for it.

This time too, they've roped in students of government and private schools apart from the families of members.

"School children prepare these seed balls which are later thrown on barren land and free spaces," added Stephen. "The seeds will sprout after the monsoon. That's why the campaign was specially planned for the rainy season."

Samraksha volunteers, who have successfully completed a similar campaign in companies like Nokia, also aim to include working professionals through events in their respective firms.

The campaign, besides increasing Bangalore's green cover, is also drawing like-minded volunteers to its fold.

"We will join hands with the software professionals who are aiming big and working towards it," said B N Shivshankar, founder, Mukthidhama, a trust working for a greener Bangalore.

"As this is the need of the hour, volunteers working with us will also join them in getting back our lost treasure," he added.


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