Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Commuters caught in circle of woes

Commuters caught in circle of woes

Private buses and autos make quick bucks as passengers' patience runs out

Many waiting for buses on Old Airport Road are clueless about the delay

Ni-et Teronpi. Bangalore

Commuters at Trinity Circle and other stops located along the Old Airport Road up to Domlur have to wait for nearly an hour to get buses.
Many of them are unaware that the delay in services is due to traffic congestion caused by Metro Work on MG Road and Indiranagar areas.
If they miss a bus, they have to wait for 20 minutes to one hour to get the next bus.
"I have been waiting for a bus for one hour. I left my office at 6 but am still stuck at Trinity Circle. It is a nightmare I've to go through every evening." said Arshad, a commuter.
"To me, the long wait for buses at Trinity Circle is like waiting for a girlfriend. But the former is more painful while pleasure is mingled with it in the second case," said Sarfaraz, a young passenger.
"I'm sick of this routine wait. I always reach home at least 30 minutes late. I know we've an option of catching buses from Mayo Hall but it is located far," said Vishal, another commuter.
The poor frequency of public transport has provided an opportunity for private buses and cabs to make quick bucks. But the BMTC officials claim that they are not legalised to carry passengers.
"I'm surprised to find private buses offering to take us home. I want to reach home fast. Hence it does not matter to me whether it is a private bus or public transport," said Pooja, a commuter.
Autorickshaws, private cabs and other mini vehicles are also making money.
"A private cab from Trinity Circle to Domlur charges Rs90. But autorickshaws have no fixed fares," said Dinakar K, a commuter who has no patience to wait for buses.
"Metro and police officials have stopped the buses from passing through Domlur and Old Airport Road via Trinity Circle. We have requested them to allow us to increase the frequency of the buses through these routes. But there is no positive response. Till then, public transport users have to catch the buses from Mayo Hall. But we have never allowed private buses or any other private vehicles to carry passengers. We will look into this matter", said BGSR Gowda, assistant traffic manager of BMTC.


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