Saturday, August 29, 2009

Longer-term vision for city's land use

Longer-term vision for city's land use

BMRDA's revised plan will act as a guideline to all city master plans and optimise land usage

Senthalir S. Bangalore

The Bangalore Metropolitan Regional Development Authority (BMRDA) is in the process of planning revision of the Structural Plan for Bangalore Metropolitan Region 2031. This plan will act as a guideline to all master plans.
"All projects estimated at above Rs50 crore will be cleared by the BMRDA. The revised structural plan will act as a guideline to master plans. Master plans are made only to control land use. The process is not complete with the master plan alone, as there is need for continuation of schemes or renewal of plans. The structural plan will provide broad guidelines and offer a longer-term vision which will aid the implementation process," said Shantappa B Honnur, additional director of Town Planning, BMRDA.
In a presentation of the draft revised structure plan, 2031, on Friday, Honnur stated that the city would comprise eight zones, including an urbanised zone, an industrial zone, a conservation zone and an agricultural zone. The BDA will have to seek BMRDA's permission for any further conurbation. Once land is identified under one of the eight zones, it cannot be utilised for any other purpose.
The guidelines focus on the development of economic clusters based on land capacity. "The vision is to establish a streamlined plan and governance system that addresses the need for decentralisation," Honnur said.
VM Hegde, chief executive officer, Centre for Symbiosis of Technology, Environment and Management, in his presentation on land management, said that local bodies should prepare their own master plans. Hegde also said that the multiplicity of agencies will have to be reduced, so that there is better coordination and more effective implementation of policies.


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