Friday, August 21, 2009

Advantages for city amid teething problems

Advantages for city amid teething problems

Complaints recorded online relate to inaccessibility wherein the TMC is not able to connect to the signal

External factors often disrupt link between the traffic management centre and devices

DNA Correspondent. Bangalore

Optimising traffic signal timing can benefit the city as well as the commuters. It can lead to shorter commute times, better air quality and fuel efficiency and decreased driver frustration.
Of the 301 traffic signals, 260 have been connected to the traffic management centre (TMC). The rest will be connected shortly. Similarly, 166 surveillance cameras and five enforcement cameras have been connected.
But commuters will face problem when there is no co-ordination between the TMC and the devices, especially when vehicle actuation, signal progression, and area traffic control system are being put in place.
Although the city traffic police are aiming to automate the entire system in the next one year under the Bangalore Traffic Improvement Project-BTRAC-2010, there is growing concern over connectivity.
The city traffic police department is getting 300-odd complaints from its divisions every day relating to failure in connection between the server, modem and the devices. This upsets the smooth management of traffic from the Traffic Management Centre and disrupts the actuated traffic movement on the road. Officials say that such problem should be resolved by the end of the BTRAC project.
The department gets automated information on traffic signals, surveillance cameras, enforcement cameras, accidents, connection problems, and other details instantly.
But due to Namma Metro work and various construction activities undertaken by the civic bodies, the cables connected to the traffic signal or surveillance cameras often get cut by accident.
"Replacement of cables takes a week and sometimes we do not replace it if the civic work is going to take time," said Praveen Sood, additional commissioner of police, traffic.
Power cuts are also a concern and the department is working towards handling this problem by getting generators which will support the system.
But the major concern is connectivity as most complaints recorded online are to do with inaccessibility wherein the TMC is not able to connect to the signal and camera.
"Usually the problem is resolved on the same day. When it persists, it is difficult for the experts in the TMC to monitor, control and change the traffic pattern," he said.


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