Monday, July 27, 2009

Moral cops check-in at BIAL

Moral cops check-in at BIAL
Three moral cops warn a girl sitting on a guy’s lap in BIAL and threaten to summon Sri Rama Sene, in the wee hours of Sunday. They threaten to create a scene if the techies do not leave in 30 minutes

How close is Bangalore from witnessing an attack by moral cops like the Mangalore pub attack that shook the nation. “Anytime it could happen,” would be the answer from a group of five techies who had a close brush with moral cops in the wee hours of Sunday.
The techies - including three males and two females - went through horror in the Coffee Day restaurant located in the premises of Bangalore International Airport (BIAL). (One of the females in the group was accompanied by her brother.) They were threatened by three men who claimed to know Sri Rama Sene activists for allegedly indulging in PDA. So much for the BIAL being a high security zone.
One of the techies said, “The gang included three men who looked well-educated and claimed to be IITians. They took objection to spending time with girls after midnight. They threatened to call Ram Sene in a minute, gather a huge crowd and beat us up.”
The techies had come to Coffee Day in BIAL after partying to enjoy the beautiful view of sun rise from the restaurant. At about 4 am, as they were chatting, they heard three men screaming at the staff of Coffee Day that the place was not clean. At this point, one of the girls in the group was sitting on the lap of her brother. Later, one of three men came to techies and started lecturing them it is not Indian culture for a girl to sit on a guy’s lap. He also went on to say that PDA is against India culture. That’s when the guy clarified that he was her brother. This started an argument.
“We got angry and told on their face that it’s none of their business to lecture us. They warned us not to under estimate them,” a victim recollected.
The gang spoke in Bhojpuri and Bihari accent and initially claimed they are Sri Rama Sene activists. One of the moral cops wore a kurta, another red T-shirt and third one was well built. They gave 30-minute deadline for the techies to leave the restaurant or else face the consequences.
There was no help around and no trace of policemen. Fearing an attack, the techies left the place and headed towards the city.
“We do not want to take chances as we are techies. One thing is sure, if these elements are left unchecked Bangalore will go to dogs,” one of the techies said. “In the end they told us that they are not actual Sri Rama Sene activists but they know that Rama Sene was in the vicinity,” he added.
When contacted BIAL outpost police said that they had not received any complaints in this regard and would intensify patrolling in BIAL premises after midnight.


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