Friday, July 31, 2009

Bad news: You won't have power for 2 hours

Bad news: You won't have power for 2 hours

Starting tomorrow, city will have power cuts in the morning and evening

Hemanth Kumar & Senthalir S. Bangalore

It's official. Urban areas will have scheduled power cuts of one hour each in the mornings and evenings from August 1. But the state government is trying to spare Bangalore to ensure 24X7 power supply to the IT city.
Bangalore Electricity Supply Company (BESCOM) managing director Tushar Girinath said the power cuts would be introduced as mentioned in the public notification. The notification states that different localities in the urban areas of Karnataka would go without power for an hour between 6am and 10am in the mornings, and between 6pm and 10pm in the evenings.
The state government has decided to regularise power cuts to enable people to plan their day as per the times when there would be no power supply. "Scheduled power cut (or load-shedding) is inevitable because of the gap in demand and supply," energy minister KS Eshwarappa said.
The energy department on Thursday announced two-hour power cuts for urban areas and 14-hour power cut for rural areas in Karnataka. "We will provide steady, uninterrupted power for 22 hours in cities and town. All efforts would be made to provide 24X7 power to Bangalore. The intention is to keep Bangalore free from power cuts," Eshwarappa said.
The scheduled power cuts in urban areas will be staggered in nature, which means that different areas will have different periods in which these areas would not have any power supply. But, mostly, these will be in the mornings and evenings.


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