Monday, June 29, 2009

Ride free: no more side stops to check papers

Ride free: no more side stops to check papers
A T Subramanya | TNN

Bangalore: You could be in a hurry to keep an appointment and, besides the red signals and traffic jams, there is one other stop to contend with: men in white and khaki flagging down motorists to check vehicle documents. Well, having zeroed in on this traffic blockage of its own creation, the department has put a stop to such stops.
Additional commissioner of police (traffic) Praveen Sood has given written directions to traffic personnel against unnecessary checking of documents — to keep both road and motorist hassle-free. But this does not mean that the public should stop carrying vehicle papers.
Those who violate traffic rules will be stopped, their documents checked and duly penalized. Sood told TOI: “All officers have been instructed not to stop motorists merely for checking documents. Only when the motorist has committed some visible traffic violation will he/she be stopped. The police will ask for all documents and the motorist will be penalized for non-possession, if documents are not in order.’’
Sood clearly stated that the focus is on good road use behaviour rather than documents. “We are mainly concentrating on traffic violations and to maintain smooth vehicle flow,’’ he said. But commuters who have violated rules like jumping signals, drunken driving, entering one-ways, riding on pavements or riding without helmet will be stopped. Transport vehicles like buses, taxis and autorickshaws should carry permit and fitness certificate. These should be produced for inspection if asked for by a police officer.
Sood explained: “There is a provision of a master card from RTO, which is proof that the driver has all valid documents. If one is carrying the master card, he/she need not carry any other documents.’’
But it is mandatory to carry an emission certificate. However, police have been instructed not to stop motorists merely to check the emission certificate. “In case of emission certificate, traffic police don’t have the provision to fine erring motorists. The department will have to send a notice regarding it to court. The fine amount is at the discretion of the court,’’ Sood added.


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