Sunday, June 28, 2009

No parking, no shopping Sales Dip On Chaotic Saturday At Brigade Road

No parking, no shopping Sales Dip On Chaotic Saturday At Brigade Road
Bangalore: It was the first weekend without the metered pay-and-park system on Brigade Road. And as expected, there was chaos all around, with motorists having to wait too long to find a parking slot.
Traffic volume increased as the day progressed. Relentless honking by frustrated drivers, waiting to go past cars looking for a slot, was to no avail. Many complained of not finding parking space for hours. Without any efficient control, there was confusion galore. Anticipating this, some people opted to take a bus or auto to get here.
“Many people now prefer to drive down to Garuda Mall or Bangalore Central to shop. Our store saw an extremely low footfall for a Saturday. Few of our regulars turned up, but they were complaining about not finding parking space and having to walk a long distance to our shop. The guards deployed by BSEA maintained some order but it’s a shame that the pay-and-park system has ended abruptly,” said Mohammad Ajmal, a salesman.
Another shopkeeper echoed this sentiment: “The pay-and-park system forced people to park for a fixed time. Only those shopping on Brigade Road would park. Now, since this area is a free parking zone, even those who don’t shop on Brigade Road park for the entire day, making slots unavailable for our customers. Naturally, they go elsewhere.”
BBMP additional commissioner (East) S Puttaswamy said the Palike will float tenders for the parking contract in a day or two. “The new system should be in place within 15 days. On Commercial Street, the request for renewal submitted by the association is already under consideration,” he said.


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