Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Old world charm rules at Coffee House on Church Street

Old world charm rules at Coffee House on Church Street
Chethan Kumar, Bangalore, DH News Service :
Wednesday, May 27, 2009, 1:30 [IST]

''It almost smelt Japanese as I entered Coffee House this morning and the place looked strange. But just in time the aroma of the coffee took over and now it feels like home, yet again.'' This remark by Gregory David Ritchie, a regular, summed up the old timers’ love for the place, with a tinge of nostalgia.

The regulars’ joy was apparently overwhelming and the smiles on the faces of the workers, genuine. The mood was tellingly demonstrated by the sunny warmth and openness of the new place on Church Street.

Joseph, a regular, had this to say: “I am quite excited that I could sit and have my coffee the old way. Though the place does not exactly seem the same, it is better than the others in the City. After all it is our Coffee House.”

The human tendency of comparison had taken over almost instinctively and the nostalgia, associated with the over five-decade-old address of the restaurant creeped in quietly.

However, not for too long. The charm of the restaurant was not only an association with the place, but more. The pleasure of just being part of Coffee House had the regulars back, and complaints faded away. “It feels great to have it back. No more searching and seeking or trying to adapt to new people and coffee, and of course, the price,” said Ravi.

It seemed almost magical, that this place could draw people over and again despite all odds. Time will tell whether this is a new legacy by the old legend.


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