Thursday, April 30, 2009

Trees martyred to downpour

Trees martyred to downpour

Imran KhanFirst Published : 30 Apr 2009 08:30:36 AM IST
BANGALORE: Two hundred is a small number, but not if you know that it is mentioned in relation to the number of trees uprooted due to the recent downpour in Bangalore. The heavy rains in the last few days brought relief to the sun-stroked Bangaloreans, but has also uprooted around 200 trees in the city, says the BBMP.
Deputy Conservator of Forests (DCF) BBMP North division, SA Hubert said that the uprooted trees were old and couldn’t withstand the heavy rain. “We have registered around 115 incidents of trees being uprooted in the past four days,” he said. On an average, he gets around eight calls everyday related to tree-fall. Hubert informed that the BBMP has constituted nine calamity squads comprising 15 men per squad.
Squads have been provided with a vehicle and cutting machines.
He said, “We have planted 1.5 lakh seedlings on either side of the roads across the city.” G Balakrishna, Forest Conservator of BBMP South division said,”Around 90 trees were uprooted in the south division.
There were several cases where just the branches had fallen but not the entire tree,” he informed.
He said, “The primary reason is the Bescom, who cut trees since some of the tree branches fall on the electric lines which could lead to short circuits. Due to this, the tree starts tilting towards one side and a heavy shower uproots it.” “This however is not the only reason. During the course of laying footpaths, they cement the entire base of the tree. This stops the trees from getting the required water and they get uprooted,” he informed. Even metro construction, that loosens the roots of the trees, can be blamed for their uprooting.


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