Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Neglect set to wipe out another lake

eglect set to wipe out another lake

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Hosakerehallitank may soon be counted among the many lakes that have disappeared in the city over the years under pressure from urbanisation unless immediate action is taken to conserve it. The once beautiful lake is turning smelly and dirty, besides becoming a health hazard as sewage is being let into it from neighbouring localites.
People living in the vicinity not only need to put up with the stink, but also the mosquitoes that breed in the sewage contaminated water.

They live in fear of confronting an outbreak of malaria, chikungunya and other mosquito-related diseases in their midst and have become more anxious with the monsoons fast approaching.

The problem has already been compounded by the pre-monsoon showers the city has been experiencing of late.

The culprit appears to be the absence of an underground drainage system in the areas nearby, which is causing sewage to find its way into the lake instead.

“Sewage is being accumulated in the tank and is leading to breeding of mosquitoes in the locality. This must be checked before the monsoons as this could prove much more of a hazard then,” said secretary of the Federation of Residents’ Welfare Association, Padmanabhanagar, T.B. Niranjana, urging BWSSB officials to look into the matter with some urgency.

People say their complaints have been falling on deaf ears as no one is doing anything to remedy the situation.

“The authorities have not taken any action although we have approached them several times. The lake is spread over 60 km and can be utilised better if its beauty is exploited for leisure and tourism. But nothing is being done about the filth and sewage in and around it.

The department concerned needs to act to keep our lakes beautiful,” Mr Niranjana stressed.

To the anger of the people here, the grounds around the lake are turning into a garbage yard with BBMP vehicles often seen dumping the rubbish collected from the city, on them.

“We have often seen BBMP vehicles dumping garbage here. If a civic body can do this, what about the common man?” asked a resident of Banshankari 3rd Stage, Radha Raman.

BWSSB chief engineer, Venkatraju, when contacted acknowledged that complaints had been received about the lack of an underground drainage system in Banashankari.

“We will send our officials to inspect the area and do our best to meet the needs of the people as soon as possible,” he assured.


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