Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mission to reduce noise levels in city

Mission to reduce noise levels in city
Bangalore, DHNS:

A majority of the 80,000 autorickshaws on road in Bangalore have the silencers tampered with under the mistaken impression that it increases mileage.Several ‘high spirited’ youth remove the silencers from their two-wheelers and drive rashly to attract attention. Almost all vehicle drivers honk frequently.

These critical observations by “Mission Peace -- Stop The Noise” tellingly brought to fore the dangers of an oft neglected pollution, at an ‘International Noise Awareness Day’ event arranged in partnership with the State Transport Department here on Tuesday.

The event also highlighted the dangers posed by the use of multi-blow, multi-tone, loud-reversing and air horns on heavy vehicles including government vehicles. “With Bangalore’s traffic doubling every five years and with about three million vehicles of all types plying on the roads, noise pollution has become a major danger to public health,” said a speaker at the event.

The Transport Department, along with organisations such as “Mission Peace” has decided to educate the RTO officials and traffic police about noise pollution; make it mandatory for the RTO officials and traffic police to create awareness among vehicle users on the evils of noise pollution; make compliance to noise regulations a part of ‘fitness certification’ and design and implement punishment schedules for frequent offenders.

“Mission Peace--Stop the Noise” is a community participatory project to help control and eliminate noise pollution initially in Bangalore, and later in other cities and towns with the cooperation of government agencies.


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