Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fast-track the project and end the misery

Fast-track the project and end the misery

Residents of Maruthinagar are forced to spend an extra hour on the road because of the delayed construction of a bridge across a drain on the main road between Maruthinagar and Venkateshwara Layout in Madiwala. Earlier, there was a road over the drain.
As the area has been closed to traffic on and off, residents are finding it difficult to commute. Not just them. The commercial establishments in and around the neighbourhood are incurring huge losses because of the never-ending construction work.
The construction of the bridge began in December 2008. It was supposed to end by March this year, but the work is still incomplete.
DNA reporters also found out that entry into BTM Layout is not possible because of the construction, and the residents there too had to go through Madiwala, which takes 45 minutes more for the trip.Maruthinagar is behind Anjinaya Temple, opposite Total Mall. Because of the diversions for this construction, pedestrians who would take usually a few minutes to cross over earlier, now need close to an hour to reach BTM Layout.
Residents and shopowners say that the delay has affected not only their business but their peace of mind too.
Now that there are few commuters on this road, shopkeepers are finding it difficult to carry on with their business. It is highly impossible to make profit, they complain.
Sridhar R, a shopkeeper, says: "The loss in business is huge since the construction of the bridge began. Now we do not know what to do. We have been running these shops for years but are helpless now."
Unbearable stink
The construction has also impacted the Under Ground Drainage (UGD) system below the bridge, and as a result, drain water and rain water get mixed. Whenever it rains, the stink that permeates the area is unbearable.
Since the drains are left uncovered, garbage often gets dumped there.
The clearance of garbage is apparently done only once in two days. "This is adding to the mosquito menace here," says Revathi Devi, a resident of the area.
On the 10th and 11th main, the water is brown in colour, as drain water gets mixed with borewell water, say residents. As the bridge is still incomplete, no one is bothered about the drains.
No negligence from our side, says BBMP
The Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) officials say they are waiting for the UGD work to be completed by the BWSSB, and that is why they are unable to finish the construction of the bridge. The officials said that there is no negligence on their part.


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