Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bone of contention is southern reach

Bone of contention is southern reach

Bangalore: Is Metro Rail work leaving behind a trail of destruction? While the government and BMRC disagree, environment group ‘Hasiru Usiru’ is still going steady with its campaign against axing of trees for the project.
The group aired its views about the recent statements made by BMRC on Friday. According to ‘Hasiru Usiru’, the alignment of Metro, especially extension of southern reach to Kanakapura Road, has not been done in accordance with Karnataka Town and Country Planning Act, and without public consultation.
“The alignment is designed in a zig-zag pattern and will lead to displacement of schools and hospitals along the way. We appeal to BMRC to avoid constructing an overhead rail, instead build an underground one,’’ the activists said.
According to BMRC, the project is being implemented in strict compliance with law and after public consultation.
Reacting to BMRC statement that only 20 trees will be felled in Lalbagh, activist Vinay Sreenivasa said though the number of trees being felled have decreased, once touched, these environment powerhouses will continue to be tampered with.
Leo Saldanha of Environment Support Group said there are other problems — absence of parking plans for stations, rail line connecting airport to the city can cater to only 30,000 citizens. They will hold a protest at Lalbagh on Sunday.


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