Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bangalore goes hi-tech to clear the traffic jam

Bangalore goes hi-tech to clear the traffic jam (FILE PHOTO)

Express News Service First Published : 28 Apr 2009 03:29:00 AM IST
BANGALORE: Amidst the increasing traffic jams, the city traffic police are giving Bangaloreans a reason to smile. The recent initiatives include efficient regulation of traffic, enforcement of traffic rules and maintenance of traffic-related equipment. Eight components have been implemented as an Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) integrated at the Interim Traffic Management Centre as a pilot project.
The project was inaugurated at the Ashoknagar police station on Monday in the presence of city Police Commissioner Shankar Bidari and Additional Police Commissioner Traffic and Security Praveen Sood.
The recent components include
Increasing traffic surveillance by doubling the surveillance cameras to 160 from the present 80. Five more enforcement cameras would be installed which would be used to capture traffic violations and also the output from these cameras would be used for designing signal timings.
All the 299 traffic signals would be connected to the TMC by July 2009, however at present only 163 of them are connected. This would help in vehicle-actuated signals where the light would turn red, if there are no vehicles standing in the stop line for more than four seconds, saving time.
Signal progression method will be practiced.
Traffic police is also working with installation of 20 Variable Message Sign Boards which can make it easier for road users.
Parking information system also through electronic information channels, SMS or websites.
Integrated complaint management system if a signal has a defect, a message would be sent to the supervisors.
Improving enforcement management system through blackberries and also a web-enabled redressal system. About 100 police personnel will be trained to operate the centre round-the-clock, added Praveen Sood.


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