Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Seshadri Road pays the price for ‘development’Seshadri Road pays the price for ‘development’

Seshadri Road pays the price for ‘development’

S. Nityananda of Bannerghatta Road has this to say about Bangalore getting hotter (Public Eye, March 11, 2009):

While some loss of the city’s green cover may be inevitable, there are glaring examples of “development” that could have been avoided. A case in point is the widening of Seshadri Road and Palace Road, which according to Bangalore’s standards were already wide roads.

Better synchronisation of signals or restrictions on movement of private vehicles on these roads, especially during peak hours, could have been explored as a possible solution to congestion.

We see instead that hundreds of precious trees have been felled on these two roads, creating a desert-like ambience.

Part of the problem lies with the citizens, various environmental experts and statutory committees themselves for not protesting strongly against the “plunder of the city’s green heritage”.

H.L. Cadambi of Wheeler Road comments on attacks on women (Public Eye, March 4, 2009):

The Chief Minister and his Home Minister, who are responsible for maintaining law and order, have not unequivocally condemned attacks on women, which are now systematically on the rise.

They have taken no real action against the perpetrators — nor against the police, who directly report to them.

On the contrary, through overt statements and covert inaction, they are actually encouraging the continuance of such incidents.

Considering that elections are round the corner, what all politicians desire most is victory.

The best way to bring public feelings to the notice of politicians is through a campaign.


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