Friday, March 20, 2009

Police seek public opinion

Police seek public opinion
Bangalore,DH News Service:
The City police have invited suggestions, opinions and objections from the the public on the proposed draft regulations to streamline public processions and meetings in the city.

Public can send in their opinions to the Commissioner of Police, No 1, Infantry Road, Bangalore 560 001 or DG&IGP police head quarters, No 2 Nrupatunga Road, Bangalore or mail to or, within April 25.

“The new set of rules has nothing to do with the coming Lok Sabha polls. They might come into force by Feb 25, 2010,” City Police Commissioner Shankar Bidari clarified on Thursday.” Bidari said the State was lagging behind by more than four decades when compared to Mumbai, Pune, New Delhi, Chennai and West Bengal in regularising protests and public meetings.

The High Court took cognisance of a PIL in this behalf in 2006 and asked government to streamline rallies. The Court had come down heavily on the government after the Oct 17, 2008 political rally brought the city traffic to a grinding halt. The High Court made serious observations and suggested the government control and regulate the assemblies and processions in the city. It directed the police department to ensure smooth flow of traffic and to prevent inconvenience to the public.

A proposal was submitted to the government in this regard and the same was approved after dropping few stringent measures. The proposed draft is now ready for notification and members of the public, individuals and organisations are welcome to air their opinion.


Organisations which plan to conduct protest or meets need to obtain permission from authorities (separate application for protest and public meets).

* The application should reach the competent authority seven days (working days) prior to the proposed date.

*No processions or assemblies shall be allowed in the City without obtaining prior permission.

*The completed application must be accompanied with a demand draft of Rs 100.

*The rule applies to public meets by various political parties, religious groups, social organisations, route marches and protests. Marriage and funeral are exempted from the rule.

*The authorities will inspect and clear the time of start and finish, venue and the route of the procession or assemblies.

What the police look for before obtaining permission:

*Public interest

*Availability of parking space

*Law and order problem in the locality

*Whether any disturbance or nuisance will be caused to any hospital, educational or religious institutions or court or government office in the vicinity.

*Whether the said procession or public meeting is going to cause nuisance to the residents in the area.


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These eMail IDs doesn't seem to exist!
Mails bounce back if sent to these eMail IDs.

Are the public being fooled or they are so careless to create a valid eMail ID??


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