Thursday, March 12, 2009

Parks turn vehicle dumpyards

Parks turn vehicle dumpyards

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Police is turningparks and pavements in the city into places to dump seized vehicles.
A once lush green park in Vijaynagar, which has been facing years of neglect from BBMP, has been chosen by the Vijayanagar police to dump the vehicles.

The residents are upset as they feel that they have lost the much needed space to walk. With work on a subway already shrinking the area there is very little space for walkers.

Vehicles of all kinds being dumped there turning the area into an eyesore. The vehicles which have more or less rusted and are blocking the path of morning walkers and joggers.

Raghavenda B.N., a resident of Vijaynagar said: “I had gone to the police station twice and urged the police to clear these vehicles so that morning walkers get their space. But there are no signs of police moving them out”.

When a constable was asked about it, he said these vehicles are dumped here till the courts clears cases involving the vehicles.

“The officers-in-charge of the police station should find out which cases have already disposed of, and shift the vehicles, but that is not done,” he said requesting anonymity.

In Bengaluru, there are more than 125 police stations and in each station, there are 10 to 25 twowheelers, cars, autorickshaws and bicycles which have virtually turned into junk. Police stations are usually asked to shift the seized vehicles to the City Armed Reserve grounds on Hosur Road. But this is not being followed.

BBMP commissioner S.Subramanya expressed helplessness when asked how illegal parking of seized vehicles was being allowed on public property by the police. He laid the blame at the door of the city planners.


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