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Concretely yours, promises BBMP

Concretely yours, promises BBMP

Enough is enough, reply residents of Kadirenahalli. Construction of Puttenahalli-Kadirenahalli underpass which started on May 16, 2008, seems to be going on endlessely. The result: a concrete mess


The misery that usually accompanies an urban infrastructure project has just been prolonged for the residents of Kadirenahalli indefinitely.
When the BBMP began constructing the 387.81-m Puttenahalli-Kadirenahalli underpass on May 16, 2008, it had promised that the work would be completed within ten months. The project is nearly overdue by a month and the Palike has not even completed digging for the foundation 14-m wide two-way. The noise and pollution have already made life unbearable for the residents. The cherry on top of this concrete cake is that Madhava Hightech Infrastructure that won the tender for this Rs 28 crore deal has asked for an extension till June 30. But engineers who work for them say that there is no hope for the project to be completed before December. “Officially, we have requested for an extension till June, but at the speed at which the work is progressing, there is no way we can complete the project before December,” said Ramalingappa, one of the engineering hands.
The residents have understandably reached the end of their tether. “It has been a year since the connectivity to our shops were disrupted. Many of the shops in the area have wrapped up business and left because their clientele cannot navigate the dangerous pathways here. Those remaining are doing so more out of compulsion since they are are unable to return the advance amounts,” says Raghavendra Babu who runs a mobile phone shop in the locality.
B M Govindaraju Naik, another resident of the locality, says, “There is no clarity on required land for the project. The officials have been dilly dallying between a 5-m underpass and a 7-m underpass. I do not know why anyone would need a 7-m underpass on a service road. They have not issued a notification to the owners about land acquisition and the project was to be over by now! They can’t wake up one fine day and expect us to give up our homes.”
Sushilamma, a home maker with a 10-year-old son, is more worried about the safety of the people. “There are no streetlights as they were the first casualties of the project. No alternative lighting has been provided. So the visibility is next to nil. How does one walk here?” The dug up area has not been barricaded either by the company despite the BBMP levying a penalty on them. There are no markers to detail the dug up area which makes it prone to serious accidents. The residents have lost track of the number of vehicles that have fallen into this dug-up area. “A few days ago, a child also broke her leg. Despite repeated complaints, nothing has been done to address the issue.”
Madhusudhan Reddy of Madhava Hightech Infrastructure however denied the charge that safety was being sidelined. “We have barricaded the entire area, but the barricades are stolen every other day. What do we do? I also employ round the clock security.” When Bangalore Mirror visited the site, neither the barricades nor security personnel were spotted. Reddy added that the delay in the completion of the project was because of the non-acquisition of land. “The BBMP is yet to acquire land towards Mysore Road. We can complete the project in a few months if that comes through. Even our contract says the completion date is subject to land acquisition.” The BBMP also conceded that the delay was from their end. Narasaram Rao, executive engineer, BBMP, said, “Yes there is a delay from our end. We have run into some resistance with regard to land acquisition. Many of the houses do not have their papers in order so the compensation issue has to be sorted out. But the notification will be out in a couple of weeks.”
Till then, the residents have to wait and watch.
Puttenahalli-Kadirenahalli Underpass Work started: May 16, 2008 Deadline: March 16, 2009 Probable date of completion:
December 2009 Bottleneck: BBMP yet to acquire land on Mysore Road
Side effects:
* Loss of business * No barricades in work area


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