Tuesday, March 17, 2009

BBMP promises signal-free ride

BBMP promises signal-free ride
Bangalore, DH News Service:
All Roads to Maharani Circle were on Monday yet again shut with the Bruhat Bangalore Mahangara Palike (BBMP) constructing an underpass to make the road signal free from Anand Rao Circle to K R Circle.

It is also believed that in the long term, BBMP and the Bangalore Traffic police intend to make the traffic two-way on Palace Road to ease the traffic at K R Circle. “We have made provisions for a two-way traffic by installing two ‘magic boxes’ for the underpass, if required,” said a BBMP official.

Heeding to the Agenda for Bangalore Infrastructure and Development (ABIDe), the BBMP this time, remembering the ‘magic box’ fiasco at the Kaveri Junction in the city are installing a modified version of the technology. The height and width of the ‘magic box’ has been increased from 4.5 metres to 6 metres for the Maharani Circle underpass.

BBMP officials said that the underpass is nearing completion with 44 elements being already placed and the ramp work to begin at the earliest.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, Additional Commissioner for Traffic, Praveen Sood said that the traffic situation will ease once all the development works are completed including the widening of roads joining Mysore Bank Circle.

“We cannot say as to when the work will be completed and traffic will resume normally,” he said.

‘Subway, security threat’

Taking the plot straight from Hollywood movie, “Die Hard 2”, the Congress on Monday protested against construction of subway on Nrupathunga Road stating it as a ‘threat to national security’. Reason: It is right in front of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Bangalore.

“We have seen movies that show people digging into banks through narrow pipelines below ground. This underpass at night can be used in a similar fasion,” said Cong former mayor Ramachnadrappa. He said that the BBMP has been utilising the Municipality Funds to create such flawed infrastructure .


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