Saturday, February 28, 2009

Terror and contempt rally

Terror and contempt rally

The meet is expected to have students five times more than the limit set by THE POLICE

Rashmi Belur. Bangalore

The grand preparations for the anti-terror rally is almost certain to cock a snook at the police top brass as the expected gathering of over 1.25 lakh students is five times the limit of 25,000 set by city Police Commissioner M Shankar Bidari.
While the police are expected to do a lot of explaining, it is the citizens of Bangalore who will bear the brunt of this convergence.
Showing clear contempt for the limit set by the police department, the higher education department has instructed the principals of colleges and zonal nodal officers not to scale down the mobilisation of the participants.
According to sources in the higher education department, the turnout is expected to cross 1.25 lakh. "The police commissioner has given the permission to conduct a rally only if the gathering is restricted to 25,000 people. The commissioner has also insisted that the number of vehicles ferrying the students should not cross 750," said a senior official from the department of higher education.
The department was actually planning to conduct the rally either at National College grounds or Kanteerava stadium. But it was forced to choose the Palace Grounds as the other two venues cannot accommodate a gathering of more than 50,000.
While the police commissioner has said that he will take action if the number of people attending the rally crosses 25,000, organisers didn't seem too worried.
"The police can't take any actions. They can just issue a notice, that's it. And the department can always say that people have come voluntarily," the organisers said.
Interestingly, Bidari himself is a member of the organising committee. Apart from him, other members include principal secretary higher education, commissioner collegiate education, Bangalore urban Deputy Commissioner, Bangalore regional commissioner, Central Inspector General of Police, BBMP commissioner, Registrars of Bangalore and Tumkur Universities among others.
Talking about the rally, the police commissioner said, "We have got lists from all colleges. There will be 700 buses to ferry students. We have arranged for extensive security. I am assuring that there will be no law and order problem on Saturday." He added that the police will take severe action if anyone tries to disrupt law and order.


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