Thursday, February 26, 2009




Going by the BBMP budget, Bangalore will be a greener, fresher place to live in. The Palike has doubled the allocation for green initiatives. The total amount is Rs 148.50 crore, which would include lake conservation, tree planting, planting trees on widened roads, tree transplantation, development of parks, alternative energy and other measures. For conservation of the existing 17 lakes, a project report with works of Rs 179 crore has been submitted to the government. But a separate Rs 96 crore has also been added to maintain all 17 lakes, besides three others. Money has been allotted for landscaping of bus bays, construction of artificial waterfalls, fountains and beautification of open spaces.
Around 300 trees were transplanted in 2008-09 — this initiative will be further strengthened this year. Road widening, construction of underpasses, bridges
and flyovers will lead to increased transplantation of trees. Scientific management of tree canopies by pruning and topping is also on the cards.
BBMP has come up with an idea of creating tree parks instead of lawns, that are expensive to maintain; for this, six locations in the city have been identified. Solar power will be used to light parks, streets and underpasses. Of 841 parks in Bangalore, 550 have already been developed, the remaining 290 will be completed this year. At least 40 acres of land alongside the storm water drain network will be planted with trees.
There is also a plan to ensure provision for rainwater harvesting units at the time of plan sanction of each building. The recycling of plastic waste for asphalting of roads will be ensured for all asphalting work projects under BBMP. The Energy and Resource Institute (TERI) has recently undertaken an energy audit study for BBMP, and these recommendations will be implemented in all BBMP offices.


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