Saturday, January 31, 2009

Take a bus ride back home from Sunday, it's cheap

Take a bus ride back home from Sunday, it's cheap

Formal announcement likely today

Senthalir S. Bangalore
Here's good news for those who travel by buses. State transport minister R Ashok on Saturday is likely to announce a cut in bus fares.
"In view of the recent reduction in petrol and diesel prices, bus fares would be reduced from February 1. The matter has been discussed with various transport departments," Ashok told DNA.
"The fares of all the four transportation services — Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation, Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation, North East Karnataka Road Transport Corporation and North-West Karnataka Road Transport Corporation—- would be decided taking into consideration the reduction in petrol and diesel prices as also wage revision of the employees," the minister added. This means auto fares will also go down in some cases. "About 80 per cent of the autos use LPG. Since the price of gas has not been reduced, auto fares will not be reduced for autos running on gas. However, those autos that run on petrol will have to make a cut. I have asked the district commissioner to hold talks with the Auto Drivers' Association and take a decision by this week," Ashok added.
Contending that all the autorickshaws in Bangalore use LPG and not petrol, M Manjunath, president of Adarsh Auto Drivers' Association, said: "The government had made it compulsory for all the autorickshaws to use LPG instead of petrol. We have not been given the option of using petrol. How, then, can the minister talk of reducing auto fares?"


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