Thursday, January 29, 2009

Jan 31: Taxi may go off-roads

Jan 31: Taxi may go off-roads

Express News Service
First Published : 29 Jan 2009 03:28:00 AM IST
Last Updated : 29 Jan 2009 01:02:12 PM IST

BANGALORE: The terms under which private transport operators like the popular Meru and Easy Cabs, have been hiring drivers for their services, have come under flak with the Bangalore District Taxi Drivers’ Union and Auto Drivers’ Union, accusing them of exploiting the drivers in the guise of taking them as business partners.

The drivers have threatened to strike work on January 31, as a symbolic protest. The drivers have faulted the government for issuing bulk licences to operators like Meru and Easy Cabs. Bangalore District Taxi Drivers Union president K N Umesh told reporters here on Wednesday that the government’s move has come in handy for the private operators. Instead of employing people as drivers, the private operators are letting out their taxis to the drivers for Rs 900 a day and have even designated the drivers as trade partners, he said.

The drivers have been forced to sign agreements where it is stated that the provisions of Motor Transport Workers Act 1961, are not applicable to these agreements.

These companies are collecting Rs 900 per day from each of the drivers, except one day in a month. If the driver fails to remit the money the taxi is taken away from him. Further, the drivers are forced to pay for general repairs and the ones due to accidents.


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