Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bengaluru to swelter under heat

Bengaluru to swelter under heat

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The city, which has just left behind a very cold winter, is heading for a very hot summer if the weatherman is to be believed.

May could see people sweating it out under a scorching sun with the temperature rising to 38 degrees Celsius, warns the Indian Meteorological Department.

Even before summer could set in the maximum temperature is already touching 32 degree Celsius in the city and the heat is only going to get worse, says the IMD. The clear skies are contributing to the rising city temperature, it adds .

“The prolonged dry weather and the delay in pre-monsoon activity are indicators of things to come. Also the northernly wind which carries heat waves could push up the tempera ture to 38 degree Celsius this summer,” says A. Muthachami, director, IMD.

With cooling tree cover having disappeared from vast stretches of the city, Bengalureans could have a harder time still this summer.

“The large trees which lined most city roads last summer have been reduced to stumps. This will obviously increase the heat in small pockets such as at traffic signals, on busy roads and in buildings with poor ventilation. The trees absorbed the suspended particulate matter (SPM) besides the dust and noise of the automobiles. But in their absence summer on the roads will be difficult,” says A.N. Yellappa Reddy, chairman of the BBMP’s biodiversity management committee. He suggests people take to tree planting seriously to beat the heat.


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