Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Public transport system in city needs revolutionary changes’

Public transport system in city needs revolutionary changes’

In response to the Public Eye on railway needs of Mangalore, V.A.P. Naik, a consultant in Kodical, says: “A day-train traversing 400 km should reach Bangalore in five hours in order to benefit both people and commerce. I travelled by a train between Osaka and Tokyo in 1972. It took 90 minutes to covering a distance of 600 km. Office-goers and traders travel daily in that train. Mangalore has the only port in the State. Yet, 75 per cent of State’s exports and imports happen through other ports, thus depriving the State of a huge revenue. Time is rife for bringing in revolutionary changes in the public transport system of the country.” A.J. Mendonce of Mallikatta says: “People, who frequently travel to Mangalore from north Kerala, do not have adequate train service to come here, thanks to the callous and indifferent attitude of the administrative and political bigwigs.

The promised Calicut-Goa Express is yet to run. Attention is needed to control pests of all types in the general and second class sleeper compartments in trains.

The seats and berths are rickety and uncomfortable. Late running of trains remains to be addressed.”

M.R. Prabhu, secretary of the Puttur-based Railway Yatrikara Sangha, says that Palghat Division of Southern Railway is continuing its non-responsive nature and step-motherly attitude towards Mangalore and surrounding areas, even though Mangalore contributes more than 50 per cent to its revenue earnings. A station near the Bajpe Airport will benefit passengers from north Kerala and Karwar, besides helping cargo movement. Political leaders should take up the issue with the Railways.


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