Saturday, December 27, 2008

Just too many queries, but who'll answer?

Just too many queries, but who'll answer?

BDA officials appear to be too busy to try the 'one-day' plan to clear all public queries

Bosky Khanna. Bangalore
Everyday, at least 50 people visit the Bangalore Development Authority head office to get their queries answered. But, in most cases, they return unanswered.
In order to answer all queries of Bangaloreans, the agency had decided to organise a day-long public grievance meeting every Saturday, but none has been organised till date. The idea was proposed by the BDA Commissioner Siddaiah six months ago. It was aimed at answering as many queries of people as possible once a week rather than holding a public grievance meeting every day for two hours.
It was also decided that all BDA officials should be present at the meeting to answer the questions.
Everyday, BDA officials claim to hold a two-hour meeting from 3pm to 5 pm. But most of the time, the BDA officials are busy attending other meetings or visiting construction sites. The public grievance meetings are held only once or twice a week. In most cases, the grievances are heard by the public relations officer, who assures citizens that their problems will be forwarded to the officer concerned or to the commissioner himself. For a month, BDA officials had organised grievance meetings in BDA commercial complexes like Koramangala and Indiranagar. But this too seems to have ceased.
S Rajanna, a resident, said, ``I have been trying to meet BDA officials for over a month to know the status of my site. But each time I am told the officials are busy. If a weekly grievance meeting is organised, I will be able to expose their true face.''
Renuka K, another resident, said, "I have been requesting the BDA officials to clear an encroachment and solve other local disputes at the earliest.
"All along, they have been ignoring my request. The public grievance meeting will act as a single window system for all Bangaloreans to solve their grievances.''


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