Saturday, December 27, 2008

Another feather in Lalbagh's cap

Another feather in Lalbagh's cap

Lalbagh will soon get an aviary which will be a learning ground for children and ornithologists

Bosky Khanna. Bangalore
People visiting Lalbagh will soon be able to see the birds breed, roost and nest in an environment close to their natural surroundings.
If all goes according to the plans of Lalbagh Botanical Garden and horticulture department officials, a 20-acre piece of land of the 40-acre botanical garden will be shortly converted into a natural aviary for local and migratory birds to breed and roost, without any human intervention.
"We plan to earmark 20 acres of land for the aviary similar to the Jurong Bird Park in Singapore. Initially, space will be utilised for a bird park, which will later be expanded. Plastic nets will be installed across the area for people to see the birds without disturbing them,'' director of Lalbagh Botanical Garden, Vasanth Kumar, said.
The aviary will be set up behind Kempegowda Tower. The idea is, however, in its initial stage and awaits government clearance. Pedestals are being set up, which will help birds build nests and feed. Fruit-bearing and flowering trees will be planted to support their breeding as well. Artificial waterholes will also be created.
There is need to build an aviary due to increasing urbanisation. The surroundings of Lalbagh, with many high-rise buildings, leave no room for birds. The area chosen for the aviary is a barren land which can be converted into a learning ground for students, children and ornithologists. It can also act as a recreation centre for visitors, Kumar said. The department is planning to develop it in partnership with Singapore's Jurong. The central government is also in talks with Jurong to set up a natural bird park in New Delhi.
Ornithologists welcomed the move. "It will help revive the dwindling bird population. There are no exclusive breeding and roosting parks in Bangalore and this will also act as a good learning ground," MB Krishna, an ornithologist, said.


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