Sunday, November 30, 2008

on the street where you live - Death traps near Garuda Mall

on the street where you live - Death traps near Garuda Mall

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‘ We could have a permanent solution if BBMP replaces the ‘ slabs with a prope
: The swanky Garu da Mall is surrounded by roads littered with rubbish and broken pavements making things very difficult for people visiting its shops and restaurants..

The Magrath Road near the mall which sees heavy traffic and a large number of pedestrians, desperately needs asphalting, but the authorities seem either unaware or not to care. As a result the road is dusty and muddy most days. Worse still it gets water logged when it rains as it is on a lower elevation than the areas around.

People living here have begun to use the road as a dumpyard for domestic waste in the absence of a dustbin, which vehicles then run over, spreading the rubbish around .

The vegetables and other eatables dumped by the houses on the road prove a magnet for street dogs whose number has risen significantly here, much to the dismay of pedestrians. Many have now begun to avoid the road and take a more circuituous route to reach the nearby bus stand.

People fear that diseases might break out as a result of the waste being dumped on the roads and demand that proper waste disposal facilities be provided in the area.

With several cement slabs of the footpath being broken those who live here find it risky to send their children out, fearing that they could fall into the drain below.

“We could have a permanent solution if BBMP replaces the slabs with a proper pavement. But as it has decided to stop construction of pavements we are left with no option but to walk on broken slabs every day,” says Mr Usman Sheikh, a local resident.

“There are many commercial establishments and hotels here. But because of the bad road most are expe riencing huge losses. BBMP must act immediately to solve the problem,” say others.

The bad roads are the result of negligence by the civic authorities. Every citizen who pays his taxes has a right to clean surroundings and good roads. It is sad that they have to put up with these conditions Riyad, Civil engineer We can’t ride on this road because of the waste dumped on it. There are many street dogs here which are scary.

BBMP authorities must upgrade the road and install a dustbin here. They should also replace the slabs with a proper pavement Adil, Student We have a very bad time when it rains. This can be solved only if we have proper drainage in the area. There hould be proper dispos al of domestic waste. Only this can put an end to the stray dog menace here Suresh, Chef at a hotel


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