Thursday, November 27, 2008

Holding rallies may become tough

Holding rallies may become tough

Bangalore: No political party wants to make a commitment that it will not hold rallies in Bangalore’s central business district. But a draft titled Licensing and Controlling of Assemblies and Processions (Bangalore city) order, 2008, has been submitted by advocate general Udaya Holla to the high court on Wednesday regarding rallies in the city.
As the rallies, processions and assemblies affect the smooth flow of traffic and cause a lot of inconvenience to the public, the draft order (under the Karnataka Police Act 1963 Section 31 sub-section o) puts strict regulations on the organizers of rallies.
As per the draft order, the organizers have to submit the application in the prescribed format at least 7 days (3 days in exceptional case) in advance from the date on which the procession or assembly is proposed.
The application is to be submitted to the Deputy Commissioner of the zone concerned if it is conducted within the jurisdiction of one zone and to the Additional Commissioner of Police, Law and Order, Bangalore City, if it passes through more than one zone.
The procession or assembly means the congregation of more than 25 people, barring marriage and funeral processions. No procession or public assembly will be allowed without obtaining permission from the competent authority.
If the application submitted by the organizer is found not in order, it will be forwarded to the Additional Commissioner of Police Traffic/DCVP Traffic. The authorities concerned should send their views to the licensing authority i,e. the Deputy Commissioner of the zone concerned or Additional Commissioner of Police, Law and Order, Bangalore City. The authorities specified should satisfy themselves the following subclause/aspects which are most crucial in licensing.
In respect of assemblies, authorities specified should furnish their opinion on the number of persons likely to participate, time of start and close, dispersion, whether adequate parking facilities have been made for all vehicles of persons attending, whether area where assembly proposed can accommodate such large turnout, whether organizers are capable of adhering to above conditions which may be imposed in licence etc.
More importantly whether such an assembly is likely to cause annoyance to any other group of persons or institutions or individuals in the vicinity has to be furnished before a licence can be issued. The licensing authority may decide whether to grant or refuse licence after considering whether the organizers have made adequate precautions that have to be taken to the smooth flow of traffic and peace and tranquillity on the route.
The high court Bench has suggested many changes regarding wording and language of certain provisions to make it more appropriate and complete and asked the government to submit proposals containing conditions.
Roads on which procession is proposed to be taken will not give scope for any disturbance or for any obstruction to the smooth flow of traffic and cause inconvenience to the public.
Number and type of vehicles which can be permitted to use by organizers.
Route by which procession may be permitted and time during which procession should start and conclude.


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