Saturday, November 29, 2008

Foul smell drives people miles away

Foul smell drives people miles away

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I Storm drains in Ramamurthynagar are filled with sewage water I ‘ Although this is a prime commercial area few shoppers ‘ ‘ come here now due to the poor road Reaching college on time has become difficult due to the lack of buses from here Daniel P, College student Travelling on Ramamurthynagar main road consumes extra fuel and we are forced to charge extra from the public Sreekanteshwara, Auto driver Walking along this road is risky, especial- ly for senior citizens and schoolchild- ren Jayanth, College student
Visit Rama murthynagar and you find stinking sewage water has entered some houses and shops. The foul smell drives people miles away. Storm drains in the area have been filled with sewage water due to the ongoing work on laying the underground drainage (UGD) system for the last week.

The BWSSB has dug 10feet deep and five feet wide trenches to lay the huge sanitary pipes on the middle of Ramamurthynagar main road. The excavated earth on either side of the road blocks traffic and gives pedestrians a hard time.

Mr S. Sagai Raju, who lives in the areas says the conditions in Ramamurthynagar have been miserable for the last 18 months.

“The miseries of the people are beyond anybody’s imagination. The residents have been inconvenienced for over a year while water pipes have been laid for supplying Cauvery water under the Greater Bengaluru Water Supply Project (GBWASP) to the area. But there is still no water in the taps. The latest BWSSB work has made the road completely off bounds,” he says.

Ramamurthynagar main road is also filled with knee-deep potholes stretching over three kilometers, making it unfit for pedestrians, two-wheelers and cars.

Mr S. Shivakumar, a shopper says although this is a prime commercial area very few now visit the shops here due to the bad road conditions.

“The stench and the inconvenience caused to vehicles has hit business badly,” he adds.

As work has been going on at a snail’s pace, traders have planned to give a rep resentation to the area legislator and the BWSSB to speed it up.

Contractor of the UGD project on the at Ramamurthynagar Main Road B. Munirathnam says the work is being done on priority after getting the permission of the traffic police. He assures part of the work will be completed by November 30 and the rest by December 15. The UGD work is being done at a cost of Rs 98 lakh “About 75 per cent of the work has been completed. We are making an effort to allow people to use the completed stretch. Shifting of some utilities has been a major problem,” Mr Munirathnam adds.


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