Thursday, November 27, 2008

BBMP sets up call centre for complaints about buildings

BBMP sets up call centre for complaints about buildings

Staff Reporter

You can call 22276151 or 22222753

There is an option for the caller not to reveal his identity

Bangalore: Do you know the persons who were building houses and buildings without obtaining permission from the authorities and those putting up constructions in deviation of sanctioned plan?

Just pick up your phone and call the 24-hour call centre of the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP), which would be operational from December 1 exclusively to register complaints of this nature.

The citizens can call 22276151 or 22222753 (from December 1) to give information about any illegal constructions instead of submitting complaints in writing by visiting BBMP offices and taking acknowledgements.

This call centre would register complaints pertaining only to illegal constructions.

The complaints registered in this call centre, set up by the Technical Vigilance Cell (TVC) working directly under the control of the Commissioner, would be fed to the software, generated in-house by the Cell, and the persons who lodged the complaints would be given a complaint identity number, said S. Prabhakar, Superintending Engineer, TVC.

A team led by an officer of the cadre of Executive Engineer, attached to the TVC, would be inspecting the property to verify the complaint and take action as per the law.
Follow-up calls

The complainant can know the action taken by the TVC by calling the 24-hour call centre and providing the identity number of the particular complaint.

The option of revealing the identity, like name, address and phone numbers, of the complaints has been made optional. If the complaints provide these details it would be easy for the BBMP to follow up. But the TVC will look into the complaints where the caller does not want to disclose his or her identity.

The call centre would come as handy to the citizens to register complaints from their home.


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