Thursday, October 30, 2008


Stench in the air

On a muggy Thursday afternoon, a seemingly relaxed man is fishing at the Ulsoor lake. The hapless guard posted at the protected lake rushes to the spot and asks the man to leave. Undaunted, the latter waits for the catch first. Resigned and shaking his head, the guard leaves. It’s a picture that sums up the scene at Ulsoor lake.
The 50-hectare lake — that the historians trace back to the 16th century — is still a much-preferred jogger’s haunt. Local film-makers still find in the lake the
right mix of the urban and the scenic beauty. Srinivasan,a resident of Cox town, says people have begun to live with the problems of the lake,that once had a prime position in the Bangalore tour itinerary.
“The BBMP has done its bit by fencing the lake. But despite restricted timings and men posted to keep the intruders away, the lake has become a favourite haunt for people who want to just idle away in the afternoons. The results is strewn-around cigarette butts, water bottles and plastic litter,’’ says Srinivasan.
“The lake covers a huge area and it becomes unmanageable sometimes. There are people who hang around and sleep for long hours on the islands... we try to keep them away but at times some turn rude,’’ complains the guard.
The fenced stretch of the lake opposite the RBANMS college is littered with plastic and other waste. Same is the case on the southern stretches, bordering the Old Madras Road. Rajiv, a regular jogger near the lake, appreciates the efforts taken up to beautify the lake but wants more focus on the seemingly marginal issues like stricter monitoring of people who visit the lake.
“The desilting drive will do a lot good to the lake. But what’s the point if people still go about littering the place? The stench is bad in the mornings and sometimes defeats the very purpose of a morning jog,’’ explains Rajiv.
Desilting welcome, but stricter watch needed on violators Joggers say the morning stench is a put-off The lake, fed by SWDs, has filth floating on many stretches Guards find keeping intruders away a tough task


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