Thursday, October 30, 2008


Exotic delights

The evenings at Sankey lake continue to be delightful. The tank is brimming with plush lawns and exotic trees blooming in the park, making it just right for a quiet, nice evening.
The senior citizens who come here for a walk every evening, though, say that there is not enough lighting in the park, which makes almost half of the park inaccessible duirng the night. The bathrooms stink and cannot be used most of the time. The muck from the immersion tank is still lying near the gate, which makes the place slippery and messy when it rains.
In spite of these issues, all of them add that they love to visit the lake everyday. “The bathrooms cannot be used at all. There should be a person all the time to maintain the bathrooms. There are not enough lights because of which we don’t go to the other side of the lake after dark. Sometimes, there will be no bench free for senior citizens as couples occupy these benches in the evenings. It would be good if some are labelled for senior citizens,’’ says Mohan Advani, a resident of the locality who comes to the park every evening for a walk. Balakrishna Reddy, another visitor, adds that there used to be an option for boating and there were huge trees when he used to come 10 to 15 years ago.
Horticulture superintendent (BBMP West) Anjanappa M says that the department is spending about Rs 12.97 lakh every year on the park and maintenance of the lake. The water of the immersion tank is being changed every day so that it does not stink. There are two diesel motors and two boats to pump out the water from the tank. The department spends approximately Rs 2 lakh every month for deweeding, watering and maintaining the park and taking care of the bathrooms.


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