Thursday, October 30, 2008

No right, no respite for riders

No right, no respite for riders

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I People face new traffic rules every day I
As if traffic jams were not enough to test their patience, people have to put up with new traffic rules on the roads every other day, which makes commuting even more tiresome.

Commuters in Koramangala were taken by surprise when a right turn on Hosur road, in front of the St. Anthony’s Church was suddenly closed a few months ago.

The right turn, which was opposite a petrol pump, a little ahead of the Forum Mall, was an easy route to take for all those who wanted to reach the road connecting Madiwala and Dairy Circle. However, it was barricaded and no U-turn signs were put up near it.

Says Tanya B, a student, “I stay in Koramangala 6th block and my college is near Dairy Circle. Earlier I took the right turn to reach the other end in 10 minutes. But now it takes so much more time.” Since the right-turn was closed, most people going from Koramangala or Hosur Road to Madiwala need to take the road in front of St. John's Hospital, which creates its own share of problems. A resident of Tavarekere Road, Shankar K. says, “I do not understand why the traffic police had to close this turn. All those who go to Indiranagar and the Airport Road now need to take the road opposite the hospital. If the rightturn had been kept open, things would have been much simpler and there would have been less traffic-jams. It takes nearly 45 minutes during peak hours to commute on this stretch now.” However, traffic cops say that the right turn was closed in an attempt to reduce the traffic on Hosur Road. “We diverted vehicles on St. John's Hospital Road to reduce traffic. We are planning to make it a two-way soon,” says inspector T. Venkatesh, of Madiwala police station.


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